I am Jennifer from America. I am new to A.B Enterprise and I am happy and excited to be teaching all the great students at our many schools here in Tokushima. I have enjoyed getting to know everyone and I look forward to learning from, as well as teaching my students.

I am an artist and before Japan I lived in New York City for two years. I have traveled all over the United States many times and lived in the Northwest area of the United States. I lived in California state — near the Redwood forest and Mount Shasta, Washington state — near Seattle, Oregon state — in Portland, and San Juan Island in the Puget Sound. I have also lived in the Southwestern desert area of the country in Arizona state– near the Grand Canyon. This is a new area of scenery and an amazing culture so far.

Please stop and say “Hello”, if you see me!

Hat shopping on the street in NYC.



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